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Between 2004–2007, Frutiger, together with Linotype’s in-house type designer Akira Kobayashi, reworked the Avenir family to address on-screen display issues. The result was titled Avenir Next. The initial release of the typeface family was increased to 24 fonts: six weights, each with a roman and italic version, in two widths (normal and condensed).

Frutiger’s numbering system was abandoned in favor of more conventional weight names. The glyph set was expanded to include small caps, text figures, subscript and superscripts, and ligatures.

Avenir Next


Avenir Next

The current set of Avenir Next’s weights is therefore ultra light, thin, light, regular, medium, demi bold, bold and heavy, in four styles each (two widths and italics for each width). The installation on OS X does not include the thin and light weights, but does include Greek and Cyrillic glyphs in the regular width.

You can download and use Avenir Next for free on your own design based projects or develop client’s based projects free.

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