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Didot is a name given to a group of typefaces named after the famous French printing and type producing family. The classification is known as modern, or Didone. The typeface we know today was based on a collection of related types developed in the period 1784–1811. Firmin Didot (1764–1836) cut the letters, and cast them as type in Paris. His brother, Pierre Didot (1760–1853) used the types in printing.

Didot Font was designed by renowned swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger which is a sensitive interpretation of the French Modern Face. Several revivals of the Didot faces have been made, most of them for hot metal typesetting. Like Bodoni, early digital versions suffered from a syndrome called “dazzle”–the hairline strokes in smaller point sizes nearly disappearing in printing.

Didot Font


Didot is the popular typeface in the late 19th century which was designed by famous swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger. It has sensitive interpretation with the warm typeface for the French modern face.

Use Didot font for your own design related usage for personal and commercial purposes. This font has the ability to well decorate your design projects.