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Kabel font style is geometric sans-serif typeface which is designed by German typeface designer Rudolf Kich, and released by the Klingspor foundry in 1927. The font face was not named after any specific cable, although the Zugspitze calbe car had been completed in 1926, and a Berlin-Vienna facsimilie telegraphy line opened in 1927.

The name had techie cachet in its day (Piet Zwart’s NKF kabel catalogue of 1927 is well-known) and is primarily metaphorical and allusive, a pun referring to both the monolinear construction of the face, and the role of type as a means of communication.

Kabel Font

Kabel Font


Kabel is the popular geometric sans serif typeface that has strong presence to decorate classic design and advertising market. It is quite useful font while embedding on the web, desktop, application and software development projects.

Use Kabel font for your own purpose regarding personal and personal and commercial purposes. Kabel has a great design quality no matter what design project you have.