Minion is a serif typeface designed by Robert Slimbach in 1990 for Adobe Systems and inspired by late Renaissance-era type. The name comes from the traditional naming system for type sizes, in which minion is between nonpareil and brevier, equivalent to modern 7pt type.

Minion Font Family was developed by innovative multiple master technologies to create a range of weights and styles suitable for different text sizes. This automation of font creation was intended to allow a gradual trend in styles from solid, chunky designs for caption-size small print to more graceful and slender designs for headings.

Minion Pro font is highly suitable typeface that was designed by Robert Slimbach. This font has robust feeling when embedding on the web, application or software system.

minion pro 2

License: Commercial use!
Publisher: Adobe
Designers: Robert Slimbach
Format: OTF

Minion Pro Free Alternatives

The following fonts are the most closer and similar to Minion Pro typeface and you can use these fonts for both personal and commercial purpose.

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