Nexa Font Free

Nexa comes in 16 weights and styles, eight uprights plus eight italics. The font is distinguished by its excellent legibility on both web and print, as well as the


Nexa Rust Font Free

NexaRust is a font family consisting of Sans, Slabs, Scripts, Handmades and Extras. Each of these font families contains several font weights that have a warm, rough appearance and


Adobe Garamond Font Free

Garamond, the latinized version of Claude Garamont’s 16th century punch-cutter name, is the name for many serif fonts. The small bowl on the a, and the eye on the

Benton Sans Font

Benton Sans Font Free

Benton Sans, a digital family of typefaces created by Tobias Frere Jones in 1995 and further developed by Cyrus Highsmith at Font Bureau, is the result. Under Frere-Jones’ guidance,

Gill Sans

Gill Sans Font Free

Gill Sans, a sans-serif font designed by Eric Gill, was released in 1928 by Monotype’s British branch. The original design was made in 1926, when Douglas Cleverdon first opened

selfie font

Selfie Font Free

Selfie, a sans serif connected font, is based on vintage sign scripts found in Gallerias in Buenos Aires. These are generally very small shopping centers that pedestrians use to cut through

Franklin Gothic Font

Franklin Gothic Font Free

Franklink Gothic, and its related faces, are realist sans serif typefaces that were created by Morris Fuller Benton (1872-1948) in 1902. Gothic means sans-serif. Franklin Gothic is used in headlines

zapfino font

Zapfino Font Free

Hermann Zapf designed Zapfino, a calligraphic font for Linotype in 1998. The font is based upon an alphabet Zapf created in 1944. It is a font that makes extensive use

VAG Rounded Font

VAG Rounded Font

VAG Rundschrift (German for “round writing”) is a geometric sans serif typeface designed to be the corporate typographic voice of Volkswagen AG. The typeface has rounded termini for all


Sabon Font

Sabon was designed in 1964-1967 by German-born designer and typographer Jan Tschichold. In 1967, it was jointly released by Linotype Monotype and Stempel. The roman was designed based on Claude Garamond’s

palatino linotype font

Palatino Font Free

Palatino, a serif font in the old style designed by Hermann Zapf and released by Linotype in 1948 is called Palatino. Palatino was named after Giambattista Palatino (16th century

optima font

Optima Font Free

Optima, a sans-serif humanist typeface, was designed by Hermann Zapf between 1952 and 2005 for the D. Stempel AG, Frankfurt, Germany. Optima is classified as a sans serif but

neue haas grotesk

Neue Haas Grotesk Font Free

Max Miedinger created the Neue Haas Grotesk font between 1957-1958 for Haas Schriftgiesserei of Switzerland under Eduard Hoffmann as Principal. Max was responsible for its development between 1957-1958

neo sans font style

Neo Sans Font Free

Neo Sans was a fascinating assignment given by a branding agency. The client of the agency wanted a “ultra-modern” type family, which was “futuristic but not gimmicky.” A bureaucratic

myriad pro font

Myriad Pro Font Free

Myriad is an Adobe Systems sans-serif humanist typeface. It was designed by Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly and others. Apple Inc. has been using the typeface since 2002, replacing Apple

Minion pro font

Minion Pro Font Free

Minion was designed by Robert Slimbach for Adobe Systems in 1990. It is inspired by the typefaces of the late Renaissance. The name is derived from the traditional system

didot font

Didot Font Free

Didot refers to a family of typefaces that are named after a famous French type and printing family. Modern, or Didone, is the classification. The typeface that we use today

kabel font

Kabel Font Free

The Kabel sans-serif font was designed by German typeface designer Rudolf Kich and released in 1927 by Klingspor. The font was not named for any particular cable, even though

glober font

Glober Font Free

Glober is a font family from Fontfabric that includes 18 weights, nine of which are in the upper right hand corner with beautiful italics. The typeface is characterized by

akzidenz grotesk

Akzidenz Grotesk Font Free

Akzidenz Grotesk was first released for commercial use by Berthold Type Foundry under its original name of Accidenz-Grotesk. Released to market in 1896, Akzidenz Grotesk quickly became one

eurostile font style

Eurostile Font Free

Aldonovarese created Eurostile in 1962 as a geometric sans-serif typeface. Novarese, originally designed the font for Nebiolo in Turin but soon after used it himself to replace Microgramma